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Film reel transfer

3K frame by frame scanning - Color and brightness correction - Cleaning & repair - Sound films


Super 8 and regular 8mm film

REGULAR RATES (before discount):

Base fee : $15 /order


50 feet roll of silent film (3 in) : 11$

200 feet roll of silent film (5 in) : 39$

400 feet roll of silent film (7 in ) 55$


32 GB USB flash drive (contains 2000 feet) : $15

DVD with menu (contains 1000 feet: $25



15 to 25%

Contact us!


 Take advantage of the power of our very new scanner! See on video

Real-time film cleaning

Real-time scratch removal

Advanced image stabilization

Contact us for an estimate!

16mm movies

Preserve the full potential of your homemade or commercial 16mm films with our new frame-by-frame scanning technology with Quasi-3K resolution (halfway between HD and 4K)! We always strive to achieve the best transfer, in the best conditions and deliver them to you on a USB key, external hard drive or DVD.

  • Quasi-3K scanning (2048 x 1536 pixels)

  • Color and brightness correction

  • Silent or optical sound films

  • Image stabilization (optional)

  • Film cleaning (optional)

  • Repairs as needed

Volume discount

15 to 33%

Contact us!


Rare formats (9.5 mm Pathé)

We are among the few digitization workshops able to digitize the Pathé 9.5 mm format. Still using our Quasi-3K frame-by-frame scanner, we will bring your precious archives back to life!

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