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Videotapes transfer

Professional process - State-of-the-art and calibrated equipment - Very competitive prices!


Popular videotapes

We make sure to keep the full potential of your memories and archives, in terms of image and sound. Everything is then delivered to you on the medium of your choice: DVD, hard disk or USB drive!

Here is the list of the most popular video cassettes:

  • VHS

  • Video8 (also called 8mm, Hi8, Digital8)

  • VHS-C (VHS-Compact)

  • ​MiniDV

  • BETA (Betamax)

  • DVD or Mini DVD (small DVD for camcorder)

  • PAL/SECAM format (Europe, Africa, etc.) (Extra 5$ / tape)

  • And more...

PRICES (April & May 2024) :

Single base fee : $15 per order


1 hour tape : 9.95$

2 hour tape : 15.95$

Additional hour (1 h) : 6.00$


Quality USB drive 32 GB (contains 7h) 15$

Archival grade DVD Copy (contains 2h) : 5$

Professional video cassettes

​ We digitize your archives using a proven method, scrupulously maintained drives and professional post-processing. All with the goal of getting the full potential out of your bands. We can give you the files in the format of your choice (AVI, MOV, ProRes, etc). Here are the types of professional videotapes we digitize:

  • UMATIC ¾ inch

  • Betacam SP, SX, IMX and DIGITAL

  • DVCAM and HDV


Rare formats

​We are among the few specialists in Quebec able to digitize these formats:

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